Sunday, March 6, 2016

The Right Reasons To Go Into Business with Lynnette Khalifana Cox Interview on Mastering Your Money Radio Show

Being in the right business for right reasons is the way to eliminate one of reasons businesses fail.  You should ask yourself these questions before you start a business:

a)     Do you have passion for the business? 
b)    Do  you have physical fitness and mental stamina?
c)     Do you have the drive, determination, patience and a positive attitude for your business?
d)    Are crushed by failure?
e)     Do you want to be a leader?
f)      Do you want to be independent?
g)     Do you want to serve your customers with intergity?

Joining us for our discussion on the right reasons to be in business?  Is lynnette khalfani-cox who is on the phone from her northern nj office. Lynnette khalfani-cox is better known as the money coach and is a nationally recognized expert on debt and credit. She is a frequent radio, television and print contributor.  Her latest book is College Secrets.