Saturday, May 21, 2016

2016-03-20 From Failure To Success With Willie Jolley On Mastering Your Money Radio

Willie Jolley Interview - From Failure To Success: 
Did you know many business owners stumbled in the first two tries and did not find true success until the third time. Entreprenuers such as Walt Disney and Steven Speilberg met with failure. Walt Disney was fired from a newspaper job for lack of creativity and filed bankruptcy with at least one business. Walt Disney you think of great amusement parks . Steven Speilberg was rejected from film school 3 times. Steven Speilberg mega movies Jaws and Jurrasic Park. You are remembered for your successes not your failures

Ed Fulbright, CPA, CGMA, PFS Interview on Mastering Your Money Radio on Reducing Taxes

Reducing Your Taxes:  Paying the right amount of taxes is a factor in people finding financial freedom.  I believe if a person can control their taxes, pay off their mortgage and car, financial freedom is within their reach in a short period of time.  During today’s show we will focus on helping you to understand about reducing your taxes to fund your financial freedom.

It is more than 30 days before t day that is tax day.  We have received emails from our listeners talking about wanting to know how to lower their tax bill or to find missing dollars.  

Women Owned Businesses Interview on Mastering Your Money Radio with Kathey Porter

Kathey Porter Interview on Women Owned Businesses:  

Madame CJ Walker was the first self made woman millionaire thru hair care product in the 1900s.  Building a networth of $14 million dollars in 1920.  Quite a feat today let alone in 1920.   According to the 2014 state of women-owned businesses report commissioned by american express open, while firms owned by women of color are smaller than non-minority women-owned businesses, their growth in numbers and economic clout is generally far outpacing that of other women-owned entities. Businesses owned by african-american women grew 296% from 1997 to 2014 and generated nearly $50 billion in revenue. 

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Small Business Marketing Strategies Interview with David T. Scott on Mastering Your Money Radio

Owning your own business is the number one way to rapidly build extraordinary wealth.  A business not correctly manage will be a quick way to lose wealth.   Consistent marketing and client acquisitions are signs of a successful business.  Lead-generation marketing is the backbone of your company’s marketing efforts, the unseen force enabling you to bring in prospective customers and convert them into actual sales. Yet lead-generation is one of the least understood forms of marketing, with most marketing managers and executives forced  to learn  it on the job as they go.