Thursday, December 8, 2016

2016-12-11 Finding Happiness With Jonathan Clements & Ed Fulbright On Mastering Your Money Radio

Jonathan Clements- Finding Happiness

Psychologists, in fact, tell us that we really don’t know what makes us happy.  We fantasize about retiring to a tropical island, but those who actually do so, soon find themselves hot, bored and missing their friends and family.  We lust after a Beemer and a 6,000 square foot home, only to find that they quickly lose their luster. The maintenance required for these items of  luxury command way too much time and money.  Worst of all, the cost of all this necessitates wasting our lives at jobs we despise and so prevents us from doing the things we love.  Always remember that life is too short to not live it being happy with your money and your life being terrible things to waste.

Joining us for our discussion on Finding Happiness is Jonathan Clements  who is on the phone from Greater NY City office. Jonathan spent almost 20 years at The Wall Street Journal, where he was the newspaper's personal-finance columnist. Between October 1994 and April 2008, he wrote 1,009 columns for the Journal and for The Wall Street Journal Sunday. He then worked for six years at Citigroup, where he was Director of Financial Education for Citi Personal Wealth Management, before returning to the Journal for an additional 15-month stint as a columnist.  His latest book is How To Think About Money.