Thursday, April 27, 2017

2017-04-23 Online Identity With Grant Leboff & Ed Fulbright On Mastering Your Money Radio

Online Identity 

For a company to be attractive to an audience, it needs have a strong, clear presence online, whether it’s on a website, blog, or social media. With most of the buying journey taking place online, people need to get a crystalline, relatable sense of just what your business is about.   The digital media transformation has changed everything for businesses — including sales and marketing, and the old methods won’t work. When anyone and everyone has access to media channels, a compelling online identity is the only way to ensure your company doesn’t disappear into the din of information overload.

Joining us for our discussion on Online Identity is Grant Leboff  who is calling in from his London England office. Grant Leboff is a leading expert on digital marketing. Based in the UK, he is the founder of Sticky Marketing Club Ltd., a strategic global consultancy that is transforming how we sell in the digital environment. His approach is that traditional Sales & Marketing doesn't apply in a world that has radically changed, and it has transformed selling success for his clients and followers. An in-demand speaker and thought leader, he is a Fellow of both The Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing and The Institute of Sales and Marketing Management. He is regularly featured in numerous publications and broadcasts, including The Financial Times and BBC Radio. His latest book is Digital Selling: How To Use Social Media and the Web to Generate Leads and Sell More.

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